Another Balua launch – MakerFaire Lisbon 3

As we already said before BALUA will be present in MakerFaire Lisbon. This event will occur this weekend (20 and 21 of  September).

And yes, as you might have guessed, we will have another launch! This time on the roof of Pavilhão do Conhecimento. You can watch it happen tomorrow (September, 20) at about 12.00am.

Here is the launch information:

Launch coordinates are: 38.762297, -9.095591.

It will be broadcasting APRS (144.800MHz) with callsign CS5CEP. You can follow us here.

SPOT tracker link.

Seeing you from above!

balua Maker Faire lisbon

3 thoughts on “Another Balua launch – MakerFaire Lisbon

  1. Reply CR7AJM Set 19,2014 19:44

    Vou estar a seguir via aprs!

    73 e bom lançamente,
    Francisco Carmo, CR7AJM

  2. Reply rpdelgado Set 20,2014 10:56

    Vou estar a acompanhar na net…Mais tarde talvez consiga passar por ai.

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