BALUA in MakerFaire Wrap-up – #makerfaire

The first edition of Lisbon MakerFaire has come and gone! We were looking forward to this event because it gave us an opportunity to meet with the makers community, introduce our project and connect with thousands of people.

2014-09-21 10.18.25

We spent the weekend showcasing BALUA, its activity, equipment and developments, chatting with thousands of curious and interested people about what BALUA is, what have we done and will our future be. We also launched a balloon from the exhibition site which was both a huge technical and social success. There were lots of people attending the event and we managed to recover all our payloads.  Moreover, BALUA founder and coordinator – Carlos Diogo Henriques – was a featured speaker and did a presentation on Sunday about Stratospheric Balloons: A Scientific Platform For The Future.

Our MakerFaire weekend was capped off by BALUA being awarded as one of the projects that demonstrated greater creativity, ingenuity and innovation for their MakerFaire exhibition. We are thrilled by the recognition and we guarantee the Arduinos and Bitalino will be pu to good use in near the future.

We loved the experience and we can only hope that this will start to become a yearly event. Until then we will be seeing you from above!!!


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