Balua Tracker V2.0

Design, layout and routing is finished, what a fantastic outcome!!

Balua’s All In One Tracker second iteration is now on it’s way to the fab house (this time we’re going to try oshpark).

The overhaul PCB are has decreased 34% from 55*100mm to 55*60 mm while keeping all the features and adding a huge cutoff Fet, more options, headers and a great 9DOF IMU!

Our GitHub repository has been updated as well, check it out!


board top
Balua AIO Tracker V2 – Features:

  • ATMEGA 328p smd package
  • Step up Boost Converters from 2 AA Batteries to 3.3V and 5V
  • Radiometrix HX1 – VHF Narrow Band FM High Power (300mW) Transmitter with SMA Antenna
  • RFM22B ISM Transceiver Module with SMA Antenna
  • Ublox Max 7 GPS with Quad V GPS antenna with jumpers in the RX/TX line and in the I2C for hardware selectable communication mode (NEW!!!)
  • SMD Onewire temperature sensor – DS18B20
  • Battery Voltage sensing
  • 0-15psi Pressure Sensor SMT mount – HSCSANN015PA2A3
  • 9-axis Motion Tracking MEMS (3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer) – MPU-9150 (NEW!!!)
  • MicroSD Socket
  • SMD AVR SPI Programming pins available (NEW!!!)
External pins
  • I2c Pins with pull-up for expansion available
  • 2 pins for Software Serial
  • 2 pins for Hardware Serial
  • Power Pins for external power (VBatt, 5V, 3.3V and GND) (NEW!!!)
  • Power pins for Cutoff system (NEW!!!)
  • On Board AA battery holder
  • 5V boost converter with enable controllable
  • UBlox GPS Power ON Controllable
  • RFM22B Radio enable pin Controllable
  • On board LED
  • Cutoff System implemented (NEW!!!)

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