AMRAD Launch Successful

AMRAD Launch Successful
Last Monday’s flight was once again a success and the payload landed safely near Évora. No images were taken but the electronics of the IST’s Nanosat were successfully tested together with communications and sensors.

New Balua Launch Details 1

New Balua Launch Details
Balua is launching another balloon, this time AMRAD. The objective of this launch is to test the electronics of the new IST Nanosat equipment. This event will occur this Monday (April, 25th) in IST, TagusPark Campus,  at 11:00 GMT. Here is the launch information: It will be broadcasting APRS (144.800MHz) with callsign CS5PBA-11. You can follow us here; SPOT tracker link; ...

Landing.Jobs launch details

Landing.Jobs launch details
Balua is launching another balloon, this time partnered with The objective of this launch is to launch a sardine up to the stratosphere during this event. The latest prediction indicate that the payload will land in the ocean therefore this will be a tough recovery. This event will occur today (june, 18th) in Lisboa Marina at 19:30 local time. Here ...

New Tracker launch – Video 1

New Tracker launch - Video
Here is the Video of our New Tracker launch, the new tracker and cross band repeater first flight test. Big Thanks to LARS for this great video and support during this mission!

Galo de Barcelos goes to Space! – Video

Galo de Barcelos goes to Space! - Video
Last weekend in Barcelos was  fantastic! The launch was a great success and everything was recovered in good shape! The result is now on video and you can take a look at this amazing trip!

Balua @ Barcelos

Balua @ Barcelos
After 450+ km, Balua team arrived at Barcelos to check the launch site and review those last details! Launch is schedule for 27 jul 10AM GMT at: N 41° 31′ 39.54″        W 8° 37′ 07.92″ To follow the Ballon one can use: SPOT – Click me RTTY on 434.650Mhz (7asci, 1stop bit, 50 baud, ...

New Launch scheduled!

New Launch scheduled!
Another BALUA launch is coming! Bookmark it! July, 27 – 10AM  (GMT) This Balua’s is taking a surprise in the Payload!?! Wait for it because it is going to awesome!

2Nov Flight Photos

More flight photos of Balua Two are already here! Go check them out in the Gallery Section!

Balua ONE Video! 1

The official Balua ONE video is here! José made an excellent work editing it.

Next Launch – 2Nov – Get ready!

Get ready for Balua’s next launch! In Lisbon, 1 November  12:00 GMT   It had to changed to the following date Update: 2nd November 12:00 GMT   Hopefully this one will be also be a success!