Balua – MakerFaire

Making a Launch from Pavilhão do Conhecido in the middle of MakerFaire Lisbon!!! Click Here

Balua Three

Testing our new custom tracking PCB. Click Here


Balua Braga

Launching the Symbol of this School into near space. Click Here


Balua Solar do Mimo

Launching the “Our Dream” House for Solar do Mimo institution. Click Here


Solar do Mimo


Balua Barcelos

Launching the Portuguese symbol into near space! Click Here



Balua TWO

Our second launch!!! Balua TWO was also successfully found. Click Here

Launches - Two


Balua ONE

Our first real launch!!! Balua ONE was launched, searched and found. Click Here

Launches - One

Balua First Test

Our first test with a tied up balloon to verify the communications, electronic and the rest of the payload. Click Here

Launches - First Test