New tracker is gonna fly 2

Tomorrow  at 14.00 GMT  our new tracker will be tested. Launch coordinates are: 38°34’28″N 007°54’19″W.

It will be broadcasting APRS (144.800MHz) with callsign CR6BAL. You can follow us here.

We will also have a crossband repeater with uplink 145.950MHz, tone 123Hz, downlink 435.950MHz and  1W of power.

SPOT tracker link.

Live feed: (available soon)

2 thoughts on “New tracker is gonna fly

  1. Reply CT2GPI - David Rodrigues Jul 19,2014 22:55

    Parabéns pelo projecto!
    Julgo ter sido um sucesso.
    Pude acompanhar quase todo o percurso do balão através do sistema APRS, através do “crossband repeater” e escutando o “beacon”.

    Fico a aguardar o próximo lançamento 🙂

    73’s de CT2GPI – David Rodrigues

  2. Reply Paulo Fernandes Jul 20,2014 15:44

    Boa cobertura do crossband na Península!!!


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