New tracker PCB in detail

This is the first time we go all the way down the road, from the breadboard to the final PCB small production run.

This article shares some pictures of the process we went thru to get our custom tracker!

Well, it all starts with a layout form Eagle (this one is available form our GitHub Repository).

When the layout is ready, Gerber files are sent to a PCB house (we’ve used hackvana).

pcb step2

Once the PCBs arrive, it’s time to check every detail, place the components on the PCB, check if everything fits and place it in the fixture block, as pictured below.The new tracker pcb has arrived - Balua Project

pcb step3_2

In the picture above the PCB lays on a Stencil8 alike fixture block, ours was made using a piece of acrylic laying around the workshop instead of solid aluminium, but works fine!!

pcb step4

This fixture block and tooling pins are crucial to get a perfect alignment  between the PCB and the stencil.

Next step is simple, spread solder paste and pick&place (by hand) every single component. Put it in the reflow oven for 10 minutes and it’s done!

This is the result! Isn’t it beautiful?






The specimen in the picture flew in our last launch and proved to be rock solid!


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