BALUA in MakerFaire Wrap-up – #makerfaire

BALUA in MakerFaire Wrap-up - #makerfaire
The first edition of Lisbon MakerFaire has come and gone! We were looking forward to this event because it gave us an opportunity to meet with the makers community, introduce our project and connect with thousands of people. We spent the weekend showcasing BALUA, its activity, equipment and developments, chatting with thousands of curious and interested people about ...

MakerFaire Lisbon Flight -> Sucessfull!!! 1

MakerFaire Lisbon Flight -> Sucessfull!!!
The flight of today (September, 20) was a huge success!!! The launching site was amazing and landed safely in Santarém. We collected some awesome photos in Lisbon. The full set of images will be in our gallery section soon. And don’t forget to visit the balua stand tomorrow in Pavilhão do Conhecimento.

Another Balua launch – MakerFaire Lisbon 3

Another Balua launch - MakerFaire Lisbon
As we already said before BALUA will be present in MakerFaire Lisbon. This event will occur this weekend (20 and 21 of  September). And yes, as you might have guessed, we will have another launch! This time on the roof of Pavilhão do Conhecimento. You can watch it happen tomorrow (September, 20) at about 12.00am. Here is the launch ...

BALUA will be present in the Maker Faire!!!

BALUA will be present in the Maker Faire!!!
Balua was officially announced as one of the groups that will be present in the Portuguese edition of the Maker Faire! For more information check the official website of the event and a small synopses of our work HERE! If you don’t know what Maker Faire is: The Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth ...

Balua Tracker V2.0 1

Balua Tracker V2.0
Design, layout and routing is finished, what a fantastic outcome!! Balua’s All In One Tracker second iteration is now on it’s way to the fab house (this time we’re going to try oshpark). The overhaul PCB are has decreased 34% from 55*100mm to 55*60 mm while keeping all the features and adding a huge cutoff Fet, more ...

New tracker PCB in detail

New tracker PCB in detail
This is the first time we go all the way down the road, from the breadboard to the final PCB small production run. This article shares some pictures of the process we went thru to get our custom tracker! Well, it all starts with a layout form Eagle (this one is available form our GitHub ...

New article in Exame Informática

New article in Exame Informática
There is a new article in Exame Informática about Balua and our latest launch in Évora, Portugal. The title of the article is “Engineers from IST launched an high altitude balloon to communicate with all of the Iberian Peninsula” . The online version of the article can be found here (in Portuguese) and it is an excellent description of our ...

New Tracker launch – Video 1

New Tracker launch - Video
Here is the Video of our New Tracker launch, the new tracker and cross band repeater first flight test. Big Thanks to LARS for this great video and support during this mission!

Tracker Launch wrap up – Success 3

Tracker Launch wrap up - Success
Yesterday was an awesome day for Us! 1º – Our new tracker worked flawlessly during the flight (aside not reaching any igate except our chasing car during a very fast descent!) 2º – The very experimental cross-band repeater almost  reached the entire Iberian peninsula and was very busy with QSOs from Cascais(PT), Algarve (PT), Entroncamento (PT) ...

New tracker is gonna fly 2

Tomorrow  at 14.00 GMT  our new tracker will be tested. Launch coordinates are: 38°34’28″N 007°54’19″W. It will be broadcasting APRS (144.800MHz) with callsign CR6BAL. You can follow us here. We will also have a crossband repeater with uplink 145.950MHz, tone 123Hz, downlink 435.950MHz and  1W of power. SPOT tracker link. Live feed: (available soon)