New article in Exame Informática

New article in Exame Informática
There is a new article in Exame Informática about Balua and our latest launch in Évora, Portugal. The title of the article is “Engineers from IST launched an high altitude balloon to communicate with all of the Iberian Peninsula” . The online version of the article can be found here (in Portuguese) and it is an excellent description of our ...

New Tracker launch – Video

New Tracker launch - Video
Here is the Video of our New Tracker launch, the new tracker and cross band repeater first flight test. Big Thanks to LARS for this great video and support during this mission!

Tracker Launch wrap up – Success

Tracker Launch wrap up - Success
Yesterday was an awesome day for Us! 1º – Our new tracker worked flawlessly during the flight (aside not reaching any igate except our chasing car during a very fast descent!) 2º – The very experimental cross-band repeater almost  reached the entire Iberian peninsula and was very busy with QSOs from Cascais(PT), Algarve (PT), Entroncamento (PT) ...

New tracker is gonna fly 2

Tomorrow  at 14.00 GMT  our new tracker will be tested. Launch coordinates are: 38°34’28″N 007°54’19″W. It will be broadcasting APRS (144.800MHz) with callsign CR6BAL. You can follow us here. We will also have a crossband repeater with uplink 145.950MHz, tone 123Hz, downlink 435.950MHz and  1W of power. SPOT tracker link. Live feed: (available soon)

The new tracker pcb has arrived

The new tracker pcb has arrived
We are very proud to announce that our new tracker has arrived. The boards were designed by our team and are already here but the stencil is still to arrive. Meanwhile, since we are eager to test it, we’ve started hand soldering one of the boards. Test reports as soon as we finish soldering it! Here’s a picture of our amazing ...

falcoaria-cetraria lda

falcoaria-cetraria lda
falcoaria-cetraria lda English   This company’s specialty is the use of birds of prey in different situations. From recreational activities to the control of harmful birds for various economic activities. They also provide shows with birds of prey, where the public has the opportunity to closely observe birds in flight or wrist. The viewer has the ...

Yet another successful flight! Braga 1

Yet another successful flight! Braga
Dona Maria II high school First Flight! Mr. Pikinhas (João Abel Vaz) found our most precious payload.      

Balua launch 4 April – Braga, Portugal

Balua launch 4 April – Braga, Portugal
The new Balua launch, which will be done in collaboration with Escola Secundária D. Maria II, is set to April 4th (Friday) at 14.30 GMT. The launch coordinates are: 41°32’56.1″N 8°25’05.2″W, Will be emitting APRS (144.800MHz) callsign CR5BAL. You can follow it here: The SPOT tracker link. The live feed is available at: You are all welcome to join us ...

Another Balua launch – Braga

Another Balua launch - Braga
You heard it right. We will have another Balua launch in Braga really soon… It will be in Braga on April 4 (Friday), between 13 and 17 hours. This launch will be in collaboration with the students and professors of Escola Secundária D. Maria II. This School is celebrating 50 years of existence and this launch is ...

We found it! =) 2

We found it! =)
We found it! =) We and Solar do Mimo successfully launched and recovered everything. Here is a sample of the photos that were taken. More will come soon.