New Arrivals – GPS Modules

New Arrivals - GPS Modules
New GPS modules have arrived to Balua’s HQ ! Goodbye Venus GPS Receiver with heavy antenna and higher power consumption. Welcome Mr. Ublox max6 with low power consumption and lightweight Sarantel antennas. It’s Christmas time here!

New Launch scheduled!

New Launch scheduled!
Another BALUA launch is coming! Bookmark it! July, 27 – 10AM  (GMT) This Balua’s is taking a surprise in the Payload!?! Wait for it because it is going to awesome!

RTL-SDR @ Raspberry Pi 2

RTL-SDR @ Raspberry Pi
Last developments on communications: Software Defined Radio (RTL-SDR)  running on Raspberry Pi via TCP. Check out the picture, SSH to the Pi and SDR# client receiving data. The client is 400km apart form the radio itself (and the RasPi).  A real useful tool for tracking our balloon!

Another step to the next launch!

Another step to the next launch!
Balua’s new laminator for fast PCB prototyping using toner transfer has arrived. Know we can start prototyping the next PCB’s for launch. The RTTY communication board will probably be the first!  

2Nov Flight Photos

More flight photos of Balua Two are already here! Go check them out in the Gallery Section!

2nd Nov flight 2

2nd Nov flight
BALUA TWO, our second flight was another amazing success! More photos and videos soon! Check the gallery section for more pictures and videos. Also check the flights section for more information about the launch. Stay tuned.

Balua ONE Video! 1

The official Balua ONE video is here! José made an excellent work editing it.

Next Launch – 2Nov – Get ready!

Get ready for Balua’s next launch! In Lisbon, 1 November  12:00 GMT   It had to changed to the following date Update: 2nd November 12:00 GMT   Hopefully this one will be also be a success!  

Balua ONE launch photos!

Here is a quick photographic album of Balua ONE! Our first launched balloon! Check the Flights section for more information, it will be updated soon…

Brand new website!

This website will the placeholder for all our activities concerning High Altitude Ballooning. Feel free to bookmark and explore it, we will post updates soon…