RTL-SDR @ Raspberry Pi 2

Last developments on communications: Software Defined Radio (RTL-SDR)  running on Raspberry Pi via TCP.

Check out the picture, SSH to the Pi and SDR# client receiving data.


The client is 400km apart form the radio itself (and the RasPi).

 A real useful tool for tracking our balloon!

2 thoughts on “RTL-SDR @ Raspberry Pi

  1. Reply dk7xe Abr 23,2013 11:10

    Is there any reason why 144.800MHz is used as communication Link?
    It’s the European APRS frequency and i expect you will have a full occupied channel by all that APRS ground stations using 1k2 AFSK.


  2. Reply Pedro Ago 27,2013 10:22

    I would like to ask if the RTL-SDR works well with RasPi? I was thinking of making a project were I could put a RasPi as a Radio Listening Server… Regards

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