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If you read our project, missions, flights and you are already eager to be part of this project contact us to project[at] and tell us your background, in what you would like to work and what ideas do you have for balua changes/updates/inovations. Feel free to write us…

If you are still not convinced, here are some more reasons for you to join us!

  • Gain experience working on a team in a large and multidisciplinary project!
  • Acquire and develop engineering skills by solving real engineering problems (e.g. communication systems, payload design, circuit design, etc…).
  • Relate course material to real world applications.
  • Get to actually build something from scratch and make it do something really cool.
  • Get to feel the thrill of a launch and the adrenaline of the hunt for the payload.
  • Also get some cool pictures of the earth!

If you don’t really want to join us but have some really cool ideas for experiences that could be done in near space conditions even if they are outside of the engineering sphere. Please get in touch with us!

Balua Team - Join-us

Balua Team – Join-us