Tracker Launch wrap up – Success 3

Yesterday was an awesome day for Us!

1º – Our new tracker worked flawlessly during the flight (aside not reaching any igate except our chasing car during a very fast descent!)

2º – The very experimental cross-band repeater almost  reached the entire Iberian peninsula and was very busy with QSOs from Cascais(PT), Algarve (PT), Entroncamento (PT) to Cordoba (ES), Villacarrillo (ES), Gibraltar (ES). Balua’s CR6BAL repeater was definitely a huge success! Something to improve and build on!

3º – Balua’s payload landed in Spain, few hundred meters from the Portuguese border, north of Badajoz (ES). The recovery was nice and easy with a helping hand from the land owners!

4º – Last but not least, this day was a better day thanks AMRAD (very busy as well hosting a great field day) and LARS. Thank you all!

Radio Coverage

3 thoughts on “Tracker Launch wrap up – Success

  1. Reply CR7AJM Jul 21,2014 10:34

    Congrats about the success of the project! Any date of the next lunch?
    73 DE CR7AJM

  2. Reply JMatos CT1FKN Jul 21,2014 20:07

    Parabéns pela iniciativa, tive oportunidade de efectuar o seguimento através do TVA, do APRS em directo e através do assim como efectuei alguns qso´s através do cross repeater deste o Entroncamento.

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