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We are a non-profit group with skills and experience in launching and recovering high altitude balloons. We  don’t do this for money, we do it because we love it and really enjoy the challenge.

However, we recently received requests from companies, schools and institutions to make other launches in collaboration with them. This is why we are starting to consider making some sponsored launches. Therefore:

  • If you are a company and want to take your brand or product into near space, making a viral video or simply commemorating a date or an achievement;
  • if you’re a school, institution or association looking for workshops in High Altitude Ballooning, equipment and technical support for your own launches or just organize an awesome launch and find outdoors event;

Please do contact us! Our availability is limited but in all these cases we will definitely hear you out and gladly execute your ideas. Take into account that typically sponsoring a flight implies supporting some materials’ cost and logistics.

From our side you can expect a highly motivated and experienced team that will make your launch a success, visibility in this website and related social media. Lastly, there is also the possibility of media and press coverage depending on the project.

As a footnote we would like to emphasize that we are driven by fun and challenge. Therefore if you have some really cool, innovative and challenging ideas for experiences that could be done in near space conditions even if they are outside of the engineering sphere, in our eyes you have priority!

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